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cookie monster cupcakes!

I’m sick and tired of subtweets. Subtweets are basically the epitome of digital passive-agressiveness… precariously bordering on downright aggressive.  According to Urban Dictionary, “subtweet” is short for “subliminal tweet” which is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name — i.e. talking about someone behind their back (but actually directly in their face […]

nutella cupcakes

February 5th is World Nutella Day. Hold on… today is February 5th, and I just serendipitously have a Nutella recipe to share with you all.  I missed International Bacon Day,  Biscuit Day, and even National Julienne Fries Day (August 12 in case you were wondering…). I keep track of time by tests, track practices, hours wasted […]

banana split cupcakes

Aren’t these cute!? At my track meet on Friday, I couldn’t stop showing everyone the grainy pictures of these banana split cupcakes on my iPhone.  “Hey, look what I made!”“You can’t see it in the picture, but they’re filled with banana pudding — pretty fancy, huh?”“Those are real maraschino cherries… in case you were wondering.” […]

twix cupcakes

Halloween sparks fear in many of us.When I was younger, I used to be extremely afraid of any costume that involved a mask.  I still don’t particularly love those skeleton costumes with the red food coloring “blood” running through them. Ick.   The number one fear in my family on Halloween has always been running out […]

carrot muffins

My Dad bought a 5 pound bag of baby carrots that was about to go bad, so I had a lot of fun experimenting with various carrot recipes — carrot cake Lara bars, carrot cake granola, carrot pancakes… but my carrot-fest would definitely not be complete without a real carrot cake!  This is the famous, […]