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guest post: gluten free overnight swirly blueberry buns

Ok, quick update before getting into this delicious guest post by the beautiful and talented Thea of Baking Magique. Last time we talked, I was still off in California stargazing. Since then, I finished my research project on supernovae, went to Disneyland (!!) and visited my cousins in Honolulu.  Now I’m finally home, working at […]

yeasted king cake

Snow days are better than regular holidays for three reasons… 1) No expectations of doing something super fun and fabulous. When people ask me “what did you do with your snow day?” “rolled around on the floor for a while,”  “watched three episodes of Jerseylicious” (does that show still exist?), and “played with dough all […]

muesli bread

During the school week, I usually have about 3 minutes and 24 seconds to grab breakfast.  Staples include overnight oats with chia seeds, toast with mashed banana and almond butter, and pre-made quinoa with coconut milk.  All of these breakfasts are made the night before and take less than a minute to dump in a […]