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my desk

my “at-home” binders. i am obsessed with chevron.  School starts on Tuesday. I just finished organizing my desk. Although I am going to miss summer, I am strangely excited for the year to start. i have a separate bin for adhesives I am a super nerd who loves note taking. I am not a fan […]

a birthday

I told you about my midnight baking sessions. This is another creation that happened at around 4 AM.This time, we tried to be productive, and made a birthday cake for our friend Emelia.  We decorated the cake with this lovely cake banner that Veda made, and delivered it to Emelia’s doorstep the next morning, complete […]


We started our California adventure at the Hotel Monaco in the scenic French Quarter of San Francisco — where gritty, city living intersects with picturesque little French cafes. I had been emailing Izy from Top With Cinnamon for awhile and learned that she, too was visiting San Francisco. What are the odds that two teen […]

point reyes

{who’s up for some shots of wheatgrass?} It was just me, my dad, and miles of rolling, Californian hills. After passing herds of cows (quite exciting for a city kid like me) and cutting through deep valleys, we finally reached Point Reyes Station. Despite its location in the heart of rural California, there is a […]