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lemon crinkle cookies

I made these cookies over the summer, and I fell in love.Unfortunately, I couldn’t do a post on them.  I tried to squeeze all of the cookies onto one baking sheet, and they all baked together into one, big, ugly lemon crinkle cookie.Nonetheless, I enjoyed my big, mess-of-a-cookie wholeheartedly — and vowed to always use […]

everyday vita: cookie boxes

Last Christmas, I made little boxes of assorted holiday cookies to give to my teachers.   This year, I wanted to do something similar for my friends. But instead of making generic holiday cookie assortments, I decided to do something sappy and sentimental (because that’s what the holidays are for right?).  Each cookie in the box […]

compost cookies

I recently made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (recipe soon!), and the recipe called for 2 cups of chocolate chips.  I carefully measured 2 cups of white chocolate chips… and was left with a sad little quarter cup left in the bag. My pantry is overflowing with similar crumbled bags with just a smidgen of their […]

cookie craze

Hello everyone!I apologize for disappering for so long! I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that we are already in the middle of September. The air is cool and crisp, the days are getting shorter, and I have having a strange craving for anything pumpkin… Anyhow, I wanted to give you all […]