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twix cupcakes

Halloween sparks fear in many of us.When I was younger, I used to be extremely afraid of any costume that involved a mask.  I still don’t particularly love those skeleton costumes with the red food coloring “blood” running through them. Ick.   The number one fear in my family on Halloween has always been running out […]

apple pie ice cream

You may be under the impression that I have boundless energy.  Decorating pumpkins, taking endless pictures of leaves, and churning my own butter in my spare time.  Confession, I’m one of the laziest people I know. Here is why.  When an apple pie craving strikes, the thought of cutting myself a slice, walking to the […]

a birthday

I told you about my midnight baking sessions. This is another creation that happened at around 4 AM.This time, we tried to be productive, and made a birthday cake for our friend Emelia.  We decorated the cake with this lovely cake banner that Veda made, and delivered it to Emelia’s doorstep the next morning, complete […]