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a birthday

I told you about my midnight baking sessions. This is another creation that happened at around 4 AM.This time, we tried to be productive, and made a birthday cake for our friend Emelia.  We decorated the cake with this lovely cake banner that Veda made, and delivered it to Emelia’s doorstep the next morning, complete […]

best crab cakes

Making crab cakes at home is a lot easier than I thought. In fact, crab cakes are ridiculously easy to make from scratch. When formed into large patties, they make a hearty, summer dinner — and when formed into little bites, they make adorable appetizers (a.k.a the perfect party food). While I was researching various […]

carrot muffins

My Dad bought a 5 pound bag of baby carrots that was about to go bad, so I had a lot of fun experimenting with various carrot recipes — carrot cake Lara bars, carrot cake granola, carrot pancakes… but my carrot-fest would definitely not be complete without a real carrot cake!  This is the famous, […]