recipe showdown: reader's chocolate chip cookies

I haven’t done a recipe showdown in a while, but one of the most interesting parts of Recipe Showdown is receiving your recipes.  Every time I conduct a recipe showdown, I encourage readers like you to challenge the winner with your own, amazing recipe.  Sure enough, I received a lot of feedback on my Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Showdown.  Christi from Burlap and Basil and Little B from Little B Cooks both submitted their own sublime chocolate chip cookie recipes.

My original plan was to first compare Burlap and Basil and Little B’s recipes, and then compare the winner of that showdown to the reigning champion (Jacques Torres).  However, a problem arose… the results were split 50-50 even.

I started out with my family — my mom liked Little B’s, my dad preferred Burlap and Basil.  I then moved onto friends and neighbors.  Again, split down the middle.
So ultimately, the scientific method will force me to make each of these again, and then compare them to the reigning champion. But hey, more cookies were never a bad thing (especially in the name of science).

With love,

Little B Cooks
Burlap and Basil
“A softer cookie, with a delicious richness.” These cookies have an unconventional ingredient – vanilla pudding mix! Little B said that she compared Torres’ recipe with her own and everyone preferred hers.
It’s the cookie that brings best friends knocking on your door at 10:30 pm.” She told me in the comments that all of her friends preferred this over Jacques Torres, the reigning champion.
Tasters’ notes
Not as flavorful
more to appreciate
so soft
slightly airy like a cupcake but with the distinct crumble of a cookie.
The flavor was great as well: sweet but not cloying, with a great distribution of chocolate chips.
More interesting
More flavor
Better texture
More chewy crust
Crunchy edges
Its texture won me over
crisp exterior and the chewy middle.
chocolate galore! Yum!

12 thoughts on “recipe showdown: reader's chocolate chip cookies

  1. Anonymous

    Definitely going to try Burlap and Basil's recipe. Have made Jaques T's and not a huge fan…what a fun comparison.

  2. Little B

    Haha, it's all about preferences isn't it? Good luck getting better results next time 😉 Thank you for using my recipe, and the pictures are beautiful!

  3. christi @ burlap and basil

    Happy Wednesday Lady! Wow, never did I think you'd include them in your recipe showdown … thank you! Obviously, I have to agree with your Dad (*wink*), but a chocolate chip cookie is such a personal thing. Everyone I make this recipe for loves it and asks for it … and I always have to remind them never to use organic sugar. I haven't been able to figure out that organic sugar thing and why it changes the results in baking so much (maybe the quantity of moisture in the sugar), but honestly haven't put much time into it since regular old C&H granulated works so well!

    Keep up the great blog! I really enjoy reading!

    Thanks again for trying out the recipe. Now I want cookies at 8:30am. =)

    1. Cannella Vita

      Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful recipe! My dad is definitely thankful as well 😉 haha. Chocolate chip cookies are such a personal thing, which is probably why I am having such difficulty with this experiment! That is such an interesting tidbit about organic sugar… I always use Domino so that's not really an issue, but I'll definitely take note of that! Thanks again Christi!

  4. Erika Kwee

    Yayayay more cookies!! I <3 these cookie showdowns. I love all of your showdowns actually–super helpful! The Jacques Torres cookie + that amazing sweet potato casserole with streusel are totally on my list to make (even though Thanksgiving is, what, 11 months away? Hello Sat dinner!). Actually, that would be perfect with your yummy looking brussel sprouts that I pinned–can't wait!!

    1. Cannella Vita

      Thank you so much! I'm glad my Recipe Showdowns are helpful, and I hope to do another one soon! They are really time consuming (with the recipe trials and the photography and the taste tests) — but the science nerd in me has a BLAST doing them. Ohh that would be the perfect meal — sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts (with some health cred as well haha). You must make the sweet potato casserole, my mom said that it was the best thing I've made all year!

  5. Isla Bonita

    I truly adore your recipe showdowns. Have you ever done cinnamon raisin swirl bread? Or how about the glazed or sugar doughnut muffins? I am afraid to look into your archives as I get lost in your blog foreva…

    1. Cannella Vita

      Thank you so much! I LOVE the way that you think — I love cinnamon raisin bread and doughnuts, and don't have recipes for either on my blog! Those are definitely on my list of things to bake. Stay tuned! If you have any recipes that you would like to suggest I would love to see them!

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