everyday vita: diy button cards

Opening holiday cards is one of the biggest joys of the season — but buying cards in bulk is so last year.
Why be “mainstream” when you can join the homemade-holiday-card team?
$5.99 for a holiday card that blinks and sings? Although cool at first, the thrill wears off when it breaks and sings unpromted for the next two weeks.

A quiet, homemade card is not only cheaper and less annoying, but it also says “hey, remember me? I’m super artsy and am above the commercial holiday market.” Win-win-win situation!  Take that Hallmark!

Thanks to a glue gun, buttons, and minimalist designs, your cards can look like those $10 boutique cards (not like the ones you made your parents in elementary school). 

To add to the sentimental touch of my homemade cards (and also due to the fact that I’m terribly awkward when writing letters), I wrote a personalized poem in each of my cards.  It’s easier for me to write a two page rhyme than a four line sentimental note (thanks Freestyle Club!).  I’ll spare you the details of my super cheesy poems and leave my “super sick rhymes” to the imagination.  Let’s just say I rhymed “walks” and “Crocs.”  Take that T-Pain!

With love,

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