everyday vita: cookie boxes

Last Christmas, I made little boxes of assorted holiday cookies to give to my teachers.   This year, I wanted to do something similar for my friends. But instead of making generic holiday cookie assortments, I decided to do something sappy and sentimental (because that’s what the holidays are for right?).  Each cookie in the box represents one of my friends.  I chose the cookie based on that friend’s personality and various memories that I have with them.  I then typed up a little sheet explaining who was which cookie and why they reminded me of that cookie.  Most of my explanations were quite cheesy – but it was really fun to watch everyone read about and sample each other’s cookies. Over the next few days, I will be posting the recipes for each of the cookies that I made — maybe they’ll remind you of some of your friends!

If you were a cookie, what would you be?
With love,