caramel apple crepes

As much as I’ve been trying to focus on my exams, all I can think about is breakfast.  My eyes wander into cookbooks and onto blogs — ogling pancakes, waffles and frittatas. Those of you who follow me on Pinterest know that I’ve been clogging your dashboards with every single granola recipe under the sun. #sorrynotsorry 🙂

Since I’m in a breakfast-y mood, let me tell you about those brown butter crepes that I made on Sunday.

The farmer’s market in my neighborhood has the best honeycrisp apples ever.  Every Sunday, my dad picks up a huge bag of about a dozen apples (along with a gallon of apple cider).  Sure enough, all of the apples are gone by the following Sunday.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away! My favorite way to have my “daily apple” is slathered in warm caramel sauce and tucked inside a fresh crepe. ;). That should keep the doctor away.

With love,

1 batch whole wheat brown butter crepes
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2-3 apples, cored, peeled, and diced
whipped cream for serving (optional)

Heat pan over medium heat and add butter. When it starts to bubble, add apples and cook until softened. Add brown sugar and cinnamon and cook 3-5 minutes, until fully soft and coated in butter and syrup. (Yum.)
Generously spoon apple filling onto crepes, roll up, add a dollop of whipped cream, and enjoy!

8 thoughts on “caramel apple crepes

  1. Rachel @ Bakerita

    Drooling!! These sound heavenly…and they're healthy, cause they are apples, right?! 😉

    And brown butter crepes…oh man. A girl after my own heart.

    1. Cannella Vita

      Totally healthy 😉 I made apple PANCAKES today, and an apple dutch baby yesterday. We are on a total apple kick at my house!

  2. Izy

    Last week, every night I would get distracted by pinterest instead of revising hahah 😉 Those caramelised apples…ahhhh I want themmmmm!

    1. Cannella Vita

      Hahaha I totally understand 😉 In fact, I think I've baked more during exam week than I usually do… oops 🙂

  3. More here

    Cannella Vita! what a delicious crepe you have given to us. I love caramel apple crepe. Hope to see more delicious recipe.:)

  4. Anshul Gupta

    The above given recipe is really very nice. It is easy and tastes good. Thanks for such a great recipe.

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